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1992 World Columbian Stamp Expo Souvenir Sheets

1992 World Columbian Stamp Expo Souvenir Sheets


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1992 Columbian Souvenir Sheets: Celebrating 500 Years of Exploration

Issued to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's historic voyage to the New World, our 1992 Columbian Souvenir Sheets are a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and discovery.

Stamp Details:

  • Category: Commemorative
  • First Day of Issue: May 22, 1992
  • First Day City(s): Chicago, Illinois
  • Quantity Issued: 2,000,000
  • Printed by: American Bank Note Company - LA
  • Printing Method/Format: Offset Lithography and Intaglio
  • Perforations: 10.5

Design and Significance: Crafted with the same dies as the original Columbian stamps, these souvenir sheets pay homage to America's first commemoratives, beloved by collectors since their debut in 1893. Featuring sixteen denominations across six sheets, each stamp bears the iconic imagery of Columbus's journey, seamlessly blending historical significance with modern commemoration.

Printing Process and Special Design Details: In a nod to the original stamps, ink colors were selected to mirror the hues of the 1893 issues, while flaws in the dies were meticulously repaired to ensure faithful reproduction. Intaglio engraving captured the intricate stamp images, while offset lithography brought the background scenes to life, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Historical Context and Unique Features: Part of a joint issue with Italy, Portugal, and Spain, the Columbian Souvenir Sheets symbolize the global significance of Columbus's voyages, uniting nations in celebration of exploration and discovery. Sold exclusively as a set by the USPS, these sheets were initially available only at the World Columbian Stamp Expo 92 before becoming accessible through local post offices.

Legacy and Commemoration: By reissuing the beloved Columbian stamps on their 500th anniversary, the USPS honors not only the historic voyage of Christopher Columbus but also the enduring legacy of stamp collecting itself. These souvenir sheets serve as a timeless reminder of America's rich philatelic history and the spirit of exploration that continues to inspire collectors around the world.

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